Bertuzzi Wedding

Where do we begin? We're still swooning over the event that was the Bertuzzi wedding. The nuptials of Susanna and Jack was an event their friends and family will speak about for years. It was an soiree spanning the weekend of September 10th, 2016 in the perfect town of Camden, Maine. 

On Friday, the 9th of September, Susanna and Jack gathered amongst their closest friends and family members. They shared vows on the lawn of Jack Bertuzzi's stunning home, the vast Maine landscape serving as their backdrop. Their ceremony was sincere and perfectly private, sharing an intimate occasion with those they love most. After they said "I Do", they promptly continued on towards an epic southern meal and celebratory toasts at their favorite local joints.

Susanna and Jack proved their dedication to the importance family of family by taking the time to introduce their kin individually, paying special tribute to the matriarchs and patriarchs of each household.

The sun set on Friday and rose to another day of extravagantly planned celebrations for the perfect day of September 10th, 2016. A long list of friends and family gathered from far distances in order to properly applaud the newlyweds. The ground of The Edge were decorated in blue and gold, with reminiscent elements of New Orleans and the Bertuzzi's love for classic cars, innovative busses  and sophisticated galas. The entrance way held a photo-booth camper and popcorn station, classic cars for viewing, a Bertuzzi bus you could board, personal helpings of champagne and a long driveway for an epic grand welcoming. After the guests greeted one another, enjoyed their bubbly and posed in the photo-booth, leaving a copy in the guest book, the family finally made their appearance, escorted in a classic Studebaker and accompanied by a trio of live jazz musicians, rightfully well-known and hailing from New Orleans. 

Susanna and Jack lead a New Orleans style second line wedding parade from the entrance way down towards the main event. Everyone spun their complimentary embroidered napkin and danced to the live music and they were guided down towards the open water, the fully stoked bars and open-air clear tent, each elegantly decorated for the evening. The family welcomed their guest with a greeting line and promptly opened the bars for the guests to indulge and enjoy the stunning views. A dinner of surf and turf was served to the guests and the toasts began as the sun set through the translucent pavilion. The band began to play and their level of energy and raw talent had every guest, young and old, dancing until the very end of the night. Just when the Bertuzzi plans couldn't seem to get anymore brilliant, the family and friends of Susanna and Jack gathered one last time to toast to the newly wedded couple, under a brightly lit sky filled with fireworks and enchantment. Their wedding was unlike anything we've ever witness and we feel so fortunate to have attended the most intimate and spectacular party the Bertuzzi's will ever host. 

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