OCTOBER 8, 2016

Dover, Florida @ Cross Creek Ranch
(official save the date + invites to follow)




Call me crazy, but there's nothing like the tangible.Albums, books, printed images and actual real life, hold in your hands invitations. However, being of the facebook generation, we don't have many physical addresses saved anymore!
Please consider this an official "hey, we're getting married" announcement.
Fill out the information below so we have your address, then start watching your mailbox for overly cutesy things to start arriving!

We'll be asking you to join us for the biggest party we'll ever throw
and to dance awkwardly with us under the stars.

Name *
Home Address *
Home Address
Will you be staying with us in Dover, FL? *
Rooms will be blocked at the Hilton Garden Inn - and it's okay to say "nope" if you don't think you'll be able to attend.