Every garment from Elizabeth Suzann is handmade in Nashville, TN.  Currently, Elizabeth does all the pattern drafting, sewing, and fabric printing for the shop.  She uses only natural plant and protein based materials, including silk, cotton, linen, and rayon.  Many of her products are hand dyed or printed, making each one a bit different than the next.  She doesn't release new styles according to the traditional fashion calendar.  To her, it seems to encourage a disposable, short-lived view of clothing, and doesn't allow enough time to develop thoughtful, well-designed and long-lasting garments.  Instead, she release new styles when they're ready, and offers them for sale indefinitely.  Not only is she a force to be reckoned with, she's humble and genuine and one of the hardest workers we've had the pleasure of working with. She's constantly coming out with new one-of-a-kind products made with deeply thought out materials. They get softer as you wear them, I don't know how she works this magic but it's true! We urge you to check out her collection and fall in love with her just as we have. Click here to see more of Elizabeth Suzann's original designs.



All clothes were meticulously designed and hand made by Elizabeth Suzann, a Nashville, TN based designer. All photos and video footage was shot and edited by Paige Denkin of Going Home Productions, in the Blue Ridge Mountains in VA.

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