Caitlin + Jake | Wedding in Temecula, CA

The Caitlin and Jake love story is a good one. Like, it could be made into a romantic comedy and Rachel McAdams would star alongside Bradley Cooper and you’ll pay to sweet it in theatres. Twice.

To begin, Caitlin and I met in the California mountains when her and I became slightly addicted to the summer experience called CAMP. A creative business retreat for adults with young hearts and creative spirits. We spent a week together, multiple summers in a row, for quite a few years! We supported each other as we each bounced from attendee to volunteer to educator and camp counselors. We tied the friendship knot when we both were CAMP counselors one summer. We were both team Twig, I had one half of the camper babes and she had the other half. We had a freaking blast running around Big Bear Mountain together that summer and I was so excited when she asked me to photograph her wedding. Yes yes and yes. This is why we do what we do. I’m honored to capture ALL love stories but it’s always important for me to feel a deep connection and friendship with our couples, and Caitlin already had a warm and comfy little spot in my heart.

Caitlin and Jake first met (and please imagine this on the big screen because I swear I want to write their screenplay) in Salt Lake City. Caitlin was visiting SLC on a business trip with a coworker. The restaurant they had planned to go to was unexpectedly closed, so they ended up seeking food at a little spot they had noticed earlier in the morning. Cut scene to Jake, the waiter at said “little spot” is working throughout the day and sees Caitlin walk through the door. But seriously! Jake ends up being the waiter for Caitlin and her coworker and just like the best romcoms you’ve seen, they totally hit it off and their future was set! He kinda burnt their pizza and he clearly felt intimidated by the fact that Caitlin was there was another guy. Jake avoided the possibility of a super uncomfortable conversation and let Caitlin leave without getting her number. But it’s almost 2020, my people. Caitlin thought about it for a while and then decided to call the restaurant, complaining about a burnt pizza and asking the waiter to call her immediately to discuss this. He called. No more than 5 minutes later. But Caitlin, as any badass female lead would, let the call got to voicemail. Jake apologized profusely in his message and Caitlin called back to let him know that yeah, the pizza was burnt, but she’s still interested in the idea of getting to know him more. They hit a bar the next night and their relationship officially began.

Caitlin and Jake danced the long distance dance and did so with grace and dignity! Cait was often visiting SLC, from California, for the same client that originally brought her there. Each time she visited, Jake planned incredible dates and special moments. Soon Jake moved back to California and pursued his dream by joining the police academy, but they still had to drive a great distance to see each other. Their love was strong and that made the long trips worth it. They wanted to discuss living together but Jake was ready for the real thing. Alone, on a jetty, planning their future, Jake proposed.

Fast forward to their wedding day. It’s October 13th, in sunny southern California. Except it’s not sunny. It’s oddly cloudy and the rainclouds send threat for days. With only a few moment until the first look, the clouds finally empty and all of Temecula, California is drenched. The rain gods brought an offering for the dry California terrain and Caitlin was simply grateful to be marrying her co-star. A tent was brought in and the day was saved by the dedication of Caitlin’s entire wedding team. The wedding was stunning, the rain stopped just after the ceremony, the day went on and ended with some of the wildest dance moves I’ve ever seen. Her parents and their friends could seriously boogie and I was digging it!

Much love to my camp counselor babe and her handsome co-star!