Cayla + CJ | Couple Session in New York City, NY

I love this shoot. I love love love this shoot and I adore Cayla for reaching out to me. This is how the magic of the internet works. I shot a beautiful wedding for Hannah and Alex in Connecticut and within a couple days, darling Zena reached out because she was at that wedding and new we’d vibe and create some magic together. And we did! Her and her girlfriend Caitlin met up with me and we had this steamy gorgeous couples shoot at the Urban Cowboy in Williamsburg. Cool - so fast forward a bit and I get a message from Cayla on Instagram! Yaaas for social media not being the total worst! Cayla wanted to know if I’d be back in the area anytime soon because she wanted to schedule a shoot with us! Well we happened to be heading back to NYC for a wedding and we totally made this work!

I adore this shoot for so many reason, but the biggest has to be the emotional connection I felt with these babes. Cayla was nervous to begin with. I knew she saw the steamy session with Zena and Caitlin and I know she wanted to share a moment like that with her favorite human - CJ. But she was nervous, y’all! She was breaking down some walls, by doing this shoot, and allowing herself to be vulnerable, sexy and emotional. I was truly humbling to watch as we built trust and moved fluidly from one thing to the next, experiencing every emotion and allowing ourselves to be honest and raw. Fuck, it was so good! I’m proud of Cayla for loving herself. And CJ of course killed this session but the important part was him always being there to remind her how beautiful she is to him, and that’s truly all that matters.

The best.