Cheyanna | Portraits in Brooklyn, NYC

Cheyanna! Okay let me start this blog post by saying how badly I wish I met this girl when I actually lived in NYC. Her amazing personality, genuine nature and insane talent has me swooning. She’s a wedding photographer in the NY area (hit this girl up!) and needed some new marketing material for her social media platforms. It’s our number one biggest fear as photographers… being photographed. I’m SO glad she loves these photos as much as I do because I think she’s such a gem and deserves nothing but the best in life. We met up for coffee, I got there half an hour early so I can hover over people sitting in the best light and make them uncomfortable until they left and I claimed their spot. Had to fight off 12 brookyln moms, their strollers and hipster dads, but we managed. We drank coffee and talked for hours… I kid you not when I say I wish I had met her earlier in life. We then walked through her neighborhood and found magical spots around the area that inspired me (and I’m never inspired by NY… this girl did something to me!). We went back to her apartment to get Poppy, her giant puppy of a pit bull. UGH WHAT A MEATY BABE. Just the sweetest wiggle-butt that ever did live. Love them both and absolutely adore this session. Did I mention Poppy?