Jeanette + Tylor | Couple Session in Sarasota, FL

So excited to post this couple session from Celery Fields, in Sarasota, FL! These sweet babes helped me overcome some hidden anxiety I rarely speak about. I try to be this care-free human but the truth is I’m a planner, a list maker and very organized (even with my messy surroundings don’t prove it). Just before we were supposed to meet up for some beers and pizza, the Florida sky opened up and pour it’s usual downpour. I was ready to cancel and post up indoors with some Netflix and furbabes. I hadn’t shot anything in a couple months and let my anxiety convince me I would fail, but if the session was cancelled then the failure wouldn’t be mine to own. We all have weaknesses and that’s my biggest (and a childish fear of needles).

When I reached out to Jeanette and Tylor with my concerns, they stopped me in my tracks. "I’m down for an adventure and wouldn’t mind getting muddy,” they said. DUH. This was about their experience, not mine, and I needed to remove myself and my anxious thoughts. They were ready to dance through the tall grass with muddy feet and watch the sunset through the warm southern sky.

Thank you, sweet humans, for reminding me to be confident and proud of the magic we create together.