Karina + Harrison | Couple Session in Los Angeles, CA

Karina and Harrison! These babes are so inspiring and I’m honored to capture this part of their love story. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s so damn true. These two babes had just moved out to Los Angeles, California and into a small studio apartment next to the airport. They’re young, ambitious and chasing their dreams. Even when they’re not incredibly positive what those dreams may be. And that’s an honest statement. These two brave and engaged babes moved to an unknown city and took on a new adventure that is ever-changing. They’ve since moved in with new roommates in different locations and continued forward with their lives together. But for a moment in time, they invited me into their lives and we had this magical couple shoot in their humble apartment, still relatively empty but full of adoration and optimism. And a puppy. Everything is made better with a puppy.