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We love you for allowing your curiosity to get you this far and we hope our work speaks to you. We put our soul and personal fire into everything we do. We create for the pure love of it, so if you're drawn to our work than I'm sure we're meant to be friends. 

We are trained photojournalists, looking for those in-between moments that define a relationship. We may not be the most traditional, and we may not be the best fit if you only need someone to show up, pose you, photograph and leave. That's not us, and that's not what you get when you hire Going Home. We're in this together and we promise to be the least stressful element of the entire day. In fact, we're damn good at deflecting outside stress, too. We're anti-stress warriors with cameras. And probably some snacks in our bag. Find us if you're hungry.

We're not here to photograph your prom, okay? We want to break those walls and share a deeper connection with our couples. This allows us to add a level of comfort and excitement to the day, while still getting down on the dance floor or hiking to the best vantage point for sunset. Our couples are unique and fiercely in love. They trust us enough to show vulnerability, to open up and focus solely on one another, knowing we'll be there to document it all as it truly happens - full of wild love and unparalleled moments. This allows us to capture so much more than just a posed shot for grandma's mantel. We want to find your truth and photograph your love as it truly exists.

We're not just another vendor. We're the ones with cameras in our hands, capturing all those precious moments. The moments you were part of and the ones you thought you missed. We're providing you with the one element that will truly last a life time... past the flowers wilting, past cakes being eaten and vows being read. We're there for you, because we truly care about you, your crazy family, your weird friends, the looks you share when walking down the isle, the way you say 'I love you' with just your hands. We care about the way the moon danced with the lights strung across your reception space. We care about your breaths that synchronize, the way you feel safe in each others arms, and the goosebumps we'll share as you vow your lives to one another. We want to capture the real moments, the ones that make your day unique and unforgettably you.

We want nothing more than to capture your wild love in it's true form.

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elopements start at $2500
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