Danseuses d' Adagio

This body of work was originally created as Paige's thesis project for the School of Visual Arts' MPS Digital Photography program, but quickly escalated to into an in depth study of movement and imagery through ballet, specifically Pointe. It takes incredible mental and physical strength to move as delicately and graceful as these dancers, and by emphasizing the fluidity of the movements and the strength of their bodies, she hopes to show the dancers for who they really are: perfectly trained athletes. By using only in-camera techniques, Paige was able to develop a deeper relationship with the dancers and understand the movements on a different level.

Featured dancers: Laine Byg, Giulia Spinelli and Ommaira Perez.




Frozen Matter

In a different attempt to visualize the inner strength of female pointe dancers, Paige used powder to emphasize the movements and their wide range of motion. Typically, beauty is seen through the dramatic movements, poses and techniques these dancers have to offer, but by prolonging the movement with the powder, Paige hopes to show the magnificent process each movement takes and prove the beauty is in the beginning, middle and end of each motion.

Featured dancers: Laine Byg, Brianna Goodman and Rachel Neitzke.