The Truth About Maine | Travel Journal

I'm an advocate for hard work and dedication. In turn.. I'm an advocate for putting in your dues, no matter their debts. I've been tunneled visioned at work these past few months, and Corey finds himself in the middle of a chaotic schedule more often than not. And no matter how hard we hustle, no matter how many pennies we save, living in New York City is an expense few understand. We've had blinders on and hearts full of ambition.. and while our full time jobs continue to flourish, we continue to dig holes quicker than we can fill them. We haven't been able to afford our honeymoon, now a year past it's anticipated date. Our dream trip to Iceland has been put on hold while we refocus our energies and push ourselves to complete goals and continuously set new ones. The late nights, cheap dinners and endless stress has lead to gratitude and a better understanding as to who we are as adults and even more, who we are as husband and wife.. our team dynamic. We're resilient, passionate and determined.. all positive traits my husbands brings out in me. He never complains, not once, but I find myself begging for adventures we can hardly afford to even daydream about. This past weekend marked our one year anniversary.. 365 days since we read a Dallas Clayton book as our vows under a giant oak tree, dripping with Spanish moss and rain drops from the hurricane that passed the night before. We decided the simplest, most enjoyable way to celebrate our inaugural trip around the sun, was to rent a car and rely on friends for a helping hand. Jacob and Alissa opened their home to us (once again) and welcomed us with warmth,  a place to rest our heads and the joy of a happy baby. The gave us an escape, a moment in time away from the city and the bills and the stress that joyfully accompanies hard work. THANK YOU doesn't even begin to cover the gratitude I have for the Hessler family.